Name: Gitte Brønlund Hansen

Birthplace: Scoresbysund 1964
Zodiac: Pisces, number: 8
Occupation: No thanks, but care assistant
Interest: Bridge, games, read, numerology og astrology
Favourite dish: Salmon, lettuce, Ris a'lamande
Dream journey: From Maine to San Diego with a GreyHound Bus.
Favourite color: Blue
Favorite CD: Mucica Gregorian: The best in Gregorian Music
Favorite ong: Leonard Cohen: Take this waltz
Favorite book: Noah Gordon: The healer
Favorite movie: Hotel New Hampshire
Favorite TV-series: L-Word
Dog's life: I'm the one who takes Mathilde for the long walks. Something we both enjoy much.
Name: Helga Schmidt Chemnitz

Birthplace: Sisimiut 1969
Zodiac: Capricorn, number: 6
Occupation: Journeyman Painter
Interest: Astronomy, games, indian culture, and drawing
Favourite dish: Food and cake
Dream journey: Namling in Tibet
Favourite color: The color of the sun just before sunset
Favorite CD: Sacret Spirit: Chants and dance of native americans
Favorite song: Shakespears sisters: Stay
Favorite book: Patricia Highsmit: Carol
Favorite movie: Contact
Favorite TV-series: X-files
Dog's life: I tidy up Mathilde and gets her ready to display at shows. And to keep us fit, I go for rides on my bike with Mathilde.