The story, told by Gitte.

In January 2002, we became the happy owners of Mathilde. We had wanted a dog for a long time, but unfortunately we had lived in an apartment where it wasn't possible to have other pets than fish! So when we got our own place, we started talking about what kind of dog we wanted. We decided on a Bearded Collie, because back in the late 80's, I had taken responsibility of a fully grown bitch named Bella.

Bella had an amazing temper and was quick to learn, even though I first got her when she was around 5 years old. But what was the most important to me, was that she was very social and shared a tight bond with me. She followed me around wherever I went.

After we got Mathilde, we've been captivated by the dog-world.
                                                                                                                                                It started when we were talked into attending a club-show with her. It caught on, and you can often see us at dog-shows all around the country. It's a cozy and exciting way of meeting other dog-people. And Mathilde has also done quite well at the shows.

In 2003 Mathilde placed as number 3 as the years Golden Bitch in the Bearded Collie club. She won certificates in two of the shows we attended.

She received the first one at the "Danish Kennel Clubs" International exhibit in Helsingør, by judge Charlott Sandberg from Sweden, who is a breeder of the race. She writes in the critic: Nicely put together bitch with good proportions, feminine head, nice neck and back-line, well angled front and rear, very good chest-depth, wonderful fur with good structure, with more ring-training and help from the trainer, this bitch can do good in the ring. And yes, she was very happy in the ring that day, and it looks like she is comfortable there.

The other certificate Mathilde got, was from Ole Staunskjær at a national exhibit on Bornholm. After we've been bitten by the dog-world, even our summer-holidays are planned after where there are shows planned.