Breeding, by
    Helga and Gitte

Please see 2007 for puppy plan down on the page.

After having sniffed the dog world for a few years, the interest for breeding has come forth. Especially after Mathilde’s success in the show ring, where she has been praised for both her looks and temper. The latter is something we put a lot of weight on, since it makes the dog function in an everyday life. And it doesn't defer that they're correct in their anatomy, and can be used in shows or other kinds of dog-sports.

Our philosophy about breeding is that it should be quality ahead of quantity. Which means we will never breed more than one litter at a time, and that it happens in the family, a so-called home breeding, which of course can't be possible if you have more than 2 or 3 litters at a time. Only this way, can you guide the puppies and get them used to all kinds of sounds and things that go on in a normal house.

Igor’s Black Mathilde

Date 6/10-2004 Mathilde birth her first litter, with the Spanish breeding Saudade De Shaleemar, which is resident in Poland with Kennel Smartness

There were 7 puppies in the litter, of which we kept one bitch to further breeding and shows Chemnitz Clan Da Capo Madonna, we also have lot of pleasure to meet Madonna’s brother Chemnitz Clan Ray Of Light, around in Denmark in shows. He also was doing well. In 2006 he achieve 2 Cert.

We found a number of websites in France and Spain, where there were dogs of the type that appeal to us, and we saw that the main part of them, could be traced back to some of the dogs that have set root in Denmark, like Multi Ch Shilstone Diplomat and his half-brother Multi Ch Shilstone Choir Boy, along with numerous others of the dogs we have seen in British yearbooks. We ended up with one, Mathilde’s grandfather Ch In Petto Du Blason De Kerlan (Chris), who is owned by Christina Sala in Spain, and owns the kennel Shaleemar. Not that we wanted to use Chris, but maybe there were some dogs, where he also was represented, that we would find interesting. Ch Saudade De Shaleemar, also called Greg, looked like he had what we were searching for.

We started finding information about him, and found out that he was the type we wanted, and that he is put together the right way. We found out that he is becoming BIS in the Warsaw International Show, where 2 judges, who are known to put a lot of weight on the correct construction, judged him.

Ann Arch judged the race and BIS, and Margit Sunde gave him the group. That convinced us that he was worth looking in to, so we contacted Malgorzata Figas Kennel Smartness, where Greg lives. When we saw him live, he didn’t disappoint us. He was just as lovely as he was on the pictures, and his temper was amazing, and when his Hd Status also was a top-score, we didn’t take long to decide that he was the one we wanted as father of Mathilde’s puppies.

We hope that with this combination, we can re-establish some genes to Denmark, that we in the later years have started to lose since, in our opinion, there has been bred too much on lines, which are widely represented all over Europe, but especially in our area, and we believe that if our race should exist, even in 20 years, there should be a multitude that doesn’t exist in Denmark today.

Date 24/11-2006 Mathilde birth her second and last litter, with the Dutch Seagull Foreign Heartbreaker “Gadget” ” Seagull Bearded Collies Gadget is a type Bearded Collie we like, both his appearance and temper, he is very lovely dog. Behind his line, there is Int. Ch. Firstprizebears Apache Eur Fci 2003-04-05 that we have followed with big interest. See Kennel Firstprizebears In 2006 Gadget became champion in Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and with that he is international champion. That couldn’t be done without help from Inger Dahl, whom have borrow Gadget to Sweden. See Kennel Highflying

Because we trying to keep the Danish Kennel Club code of conduct about a bitch in Denmark only birth about 10 puppies in all, is this litter was Mathilde’s last litter.              


In august we plan to use Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Apache for a litter with Madonna.

Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Apache is breed by Joop Hartman in Belgium and are one of the top in a litter as stand for a super-litter, it consist of 10 puppy, of whom 9 is Champions.

Patch as he calls have won everything there is worth to win in the international show, 3 times Europe winner and countless other titles and top positions. His descent and result in breed also do he is obvious choice as a partner to Madonna.

Contemporary with our collaborator, dog from the same line, which give us possibility to make a long-term plan in breeding, benefit for the breed and the new puppy-owner. If you want to read more about Patch see: Balbriggan Bearded Collies or Firstprizebears Bearded Collies 

Chemnitz Clan Da Capo Madonna

Madonna is the bitch we kept from the first litter. We have a lot of pleasure to have her on ordinary days. And in shows she is doing it well too. In 2006 she became years Best Bearded Collie 3 & Best bitch 2, so far she has won 1 Cert and 12 ck out of 14 shows and as a puppy 5 good promising out of 5 possible. Judges specially commend her for her good build and movement and also her size. That is especially here we can see she is a feminine contrast to her father Int. Ch. Saudade De Shaleemar, therefore we are looking forward to mate Madonna with Patch, these two strong dog lines complement each other brilliant, so these in one litter will be exciting to see. 

Are you interest for further details about this litter or our breed please send a mail or call +45 59 25 71 71. See also our homepage about breed etc. Bearded NU which we have with our good friends Karen and Hans-Erik Pedersen Kennel Shepherdess